i didn’t expect to feel anything for liam dunbar but then they made him the secretary of the scott mccall fanclub under president stiles stilinski and vice president derek hale and that’s really fucking important to me


what a surprise derek is creeping around the school AGAIN

i bet the teachers don’t even care anymore

"didn’t this guy graduate like 10 years ago?"

"yeah but his entire family died in a fire so we just kind of let him stay"


Malia does NOT need your permission


I feel like I just interrupted a very important conversation.

i wish everyone could just chill about album five like when its your best friends bday she knows youre doing something special and you drop hints and sometimes she notices things that give her clues but you don’t want her to actually know cause it will ruin the surprise


this fandom: taylor took exactly 1,007,738 steps today so that’s a hint and she also blinked 39 times per minute on average so that must be a clue to unlock the Da vinci code that will lead us to the first single of the fifth album

sometimes im like ? but most times im like ?????????